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Running Head: AMERICAN WELL American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now [Name] [Course] [Professor’s name] [Date] Online health care is a popular phenomenon in United States of America (USA) nowadays. This popularity owes its origin to the fact that over time the number of doctors in USA has declined but their demand has always experienced a rise.


Practically, American Well is an internet based healthcare platform that enables the patients and health care providers to communicate with each other using video chat, text chat, or phone. It assists the patients to get in touch with the respective doctors at any point of time, without any delay in case of an emergency. The business is based on the belief that technology could be leveraged to bring traditional healthcare to people’s home and workplaces. In this setup the patient can fix an appointment as per his/her convenience with healthcare professionals of their choice. Here the data related to medical analysis and medical claim gets immediately integrated into the system. The medical history of the patient’s visit remains in the system and this enables other healthcare providers to continue the follow up, if necessary (Ofek and Laufer, 2010, p.1). 1. The central strategic marketing issues and decisions needed to be made at the organizational, business unit, or product level Positioning & identifying target market The concept “the doctor will see you now” has been well integrated with appropriate technology, which finally gave shape to American Well (American Well may make America well…online! 2009). ...
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