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Essay example - Managing Change Project Feasibility Study

Managing Change Project Feasibility Study Essay example
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Project Feasibility Study Name Institution SECTION A ABC rental Cars Company The ABC rental cars Company leads in the car hire industry. For the past thirty years, the organization has lead in competition and continues to set a pace for other rental agencies…

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Despite having a remarkable growth, there is a need to evaluate alternative fuel vehicles or more hybrid vehicles that align with consumer interests for the company to set the pace in the competitive world and dominate a position in the market place. Currently, gasoline prices have been so high thus affecting the Company’s earnings. Following this, hybrid vehicles are a significant approach to augment a positive change in the organization. The benefit of introducing hybrid cars is that, it will attribute technical and economical benefits. It is worth noting that, hybrid cars will benefit the company and the country that from gasoline saving not affected by high prices of oil. This advantage will also benefit clients as the government gives reductions to taxes attributed by gasoline savings thus overcome much crisis related to oil prices. With this in mind, the future of ABC car hire looks brighter with rapid developments of the hybrid vehicles that will improve the company’s earnings, economical benefit that in turn, benefits consumers. For the past years, the company utilizes gasoline that tends to be a high cost. Baearing this in mind, the United State’s dependency on the foreign oil is extremely high, and with ever shifting concern of the Middle Eastern climate teetering at impulsive level, there is a need to consider hybrid vehicles. ...
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