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Essay example - Analysis of Lyer and Davenport's "Reverse Engineering: Google's Innovation Machine"

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Name Subject Tutor Date Analysis of Lyer and Davenport’s “Reverse Engineering: Google’s Innovation Machine” The view that Google is a market leader with unparalleled technological and strategic success in the web-based industry cannot be overstated…

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This analysis critically studies the article and summarizes the main points while drawing from marketing concepts. According to Lyer and Davenport (60), one of the factors that have set Google apart from the rest of the companies in the internet-based industry is its long-term strategic view. Here, Lyer and Davenport discuss the Google’s practice of strategic patience. Here, the authors highlight Google’s mission and the strategy the firm is using to pursue the set objective. Google’s mission is to seek to organize the world’s information transform it into a universally accessible and useful form. This is broad mission by any measure, but the authors argue that Google have taken the mission seriously, which conforms with the general view that sticking to the mission helps bring success to organizations. To pursue this mission, Google focuses on the long term rather than short-term view; unlike other firms, short term profits do not cloud Google’s pursuit of its mission. Instead of focusing on short term achievements in profits, Google has consciously pursued a long-term approach to build value and capability, which explains Lyer and Davenport’s (60) concept of practicing strategic patience. ...
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