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[Full Name] [Name of Professor/Instructor] [Subject/Class] 20 April 2012 Consumer Behavior The consumer is faced with different pieces of information that may impact her decision making in this situation. Briefly describe what these different pieces of information are.


The GoodGuide is basically an application that provides the user with ratings on products in three categories such as health (nutritional facts of products), environment (impact to the environment), and society (ethical policies and performances). Hence, the customer widens her knowledge about the particular product. The consumers of the modern society are very health conscious, thus, by providing the customers with information regarding health contents of a particular product enormously influences the purchase decision of the customer. The customers are made aware of the products that have poor health benefits and would even potentially post health issues. In the environmental aspect, the customer gains knowledge and the application even promote companies that have non-damaging practices to the environment. Thus, the buying experience is not only limited to just the product but also the customer is made to feel responsible in aiding and promoting companies to use environmentally friendly options in their operations. For the society, this information is about the ethical practices of the company. Such criteria further broadens the decision complication of the customer since she does will now not only look for products that will just satisfy here but also rather look for products that score well in the above mentioned criteria. ...
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