Investigation on Whether Nokia Should Quit the UK

Investigation on Whether Nokia Should Quit the UK Essay example
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AN INVESTIGATION ON WHETHER NOKIA SHOULD QUIT THE U.K Name: Institution: SMARTPHONE Background Nokia Company in the current years has been experiencing a decline in the smartphone market share. In the U.K, it trails behind its greatest rivals, Apple and Samsung who are overtaking its market annually.


The main research objective is find out whether it would be viable to minimize expansion of the Nokia brand in the U.K market. Nokia as evident from the analysis has been experiencing a decline it its market share in the named market. Competition has stifled with other companies providing equal or better quality mobile handsets. Handsets are now a requirement for a majority of people. Statistics has shown a decline in number of handsets purchased and an ever increasing number of smartphones acquired. It is a technologically changing world that can be attributed to this trend. People want the best, and since it is affordable, they can get it. Nokia holds a high popularity of mobile phone manufacturing companies in the world. It had the biggest market share of mobile users, but this is changing. This research focuses on finding out changes in the performance of Nokia and if it is a viable idea for to withdraw itself from the U.K market. In trying to answer this, several factors have to be investigated on the reasons that have led to this aftermath in the Nokia Company. 1.2: Research objectives. The research problems highlight the areas of importance in this study. They seek to encompass the most crucial factors involved in this project. They revolve around the Nokia Mobile statistics. ...
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