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Classic Airlines Case Study Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Classic Airlines Case Study The Current Scenario Classic Airlines is the world’s fifth largest airline, with a fleet of 375 jets that serve 240 cities. It has been in business for 25 years, having 32,000 employees.


Many have chosen to fly by other airlines and while Classic Airlines has the data and customer feedback that highlights the problems, there has been no proper attempt or management support to address the issues. The present CEO Amanda Miller believes that customer loyalty and revenues is primarily price driven, and is most concerned with reducing cost which she believes will bring back new customers as well as those who have switched their loyalty to competitors. Internal and External Pressures Contributing to the Current Crisis There appears to be a silent tussle going on between two sides- those that agree with the CEO Amanda Miller and those who don’t. On the one side we have people such as Kevin Boyle in Marketing, Renee Epson in Customer Services, Doug Sheflin the Union representative and John Hartman in Human Resources who are concerned with the human aspect of the crisis and do not want the company to face bankruptcy because it would lead to a lot of layoffs and employee dissatisfaction. They are worried that Classic Airlines may never recover from bankruptcy proceedings. They see the main problem as having a customer dissatisfaction element at its core and want to address this so that the airline can get back lost customers, revenues and profitability. ...
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