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Classic Airlines Care Study - Essay Example


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Classic Airlines Care Study

Many have chosen to fly by other airlines and while Classic Airlines has the data and customer feedback that highlights the problems, there has been no proper attempt or management support to address the issues. The present CEO Amanda Miller believes that customer loyalty and revenues is primarily price driven, and is most concerned with reducing cost which she believes will bring back new customers as well as those who have switched their loyalty to competitors. Internal and External Pressures Contributing to the Current Crisis There appears to be a silent tussle going on between two sides- those that agree with the CEO Amanda Miller and those who don’t. On the one side we have people such as Kevin Boyle in Marketing, Renee Epson in Customer Services, Doug Sheflin the Union representative and John Hartman in Human Resources who are concerned with the human aspect of the crisis and do not want the company to face bankruptcy because it would lead to a lot of layoffs and employee dissatisfaction. They are worried that Classic Airlines may never recover from bankruptcy proceedings. They see the main problem as having a customer dissatisfaction element at its core and want to address this so that the airline can get back lost customers, revenues and profitability. However it would be a hard task convincing the others such as the CEO Amanda Miller and Catherine Simpson the Financial Director that the problem is anything but price related. Amanda is especially bitter that she had agreed to price

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Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
This shift in paradigm has been the result of an increase in the level of inflation and a rise in the cost of fuel. These two variables have made it imperative for airline carriers to achieve operational excellence and enhance customer loyalty. Unfortunately for the company, it has encountered some internal problems which are preventing it from addressing these challenges effectively.
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Classic airlines and marketing
Classic Airlines is facing problems as the firm has not been effective at retaining customers. In the last year the firm has lost 20% of the member of its customer loyalty program. The firm has lost approximately 160,000 recurrent clients.
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Classic Airlines
Classic Airlines. Classic Airlines is a company in the airline industry with over 25 years of experience. The firm has an operation that includes 2300 daily flights across 240 cities. The firm has a global workforce of 30,000 employees. Due to the size of the company it is imperative for this firm to invest its marketing dollars well.
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Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
The current paper focuses on the marketing needs of a well – known organization, in the context of the airline industry, Classic Airlines. It should be noted that the above firm has, traditionally, focused on the limitation of its costs, so that its potentials for high profitability are increased.
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Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
However, the approach is similar as finding a solution is applicable in both. Ideally, it will not be wise to close down a business because of the problems encountered. In order to solve a problem, it is crucial to apply the relevant problem solving skills in order to overturn the outcomes (Blais, 2012).
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Classic Airlines marketing Solution
From there, the model will be used to define a solution and this will be applied to the situation at hand. For the purpose of this discussion, the marketing unit will involve the way of identifying and meeting human needs (Kotler & Keller, 2006). The strategies used and approaches employed will be evaluated.
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Classic Airlines Benchmarking
improved management system that laid emphasis on meeting customer expectations and at the same time eliminating wasted expenditures and operating costs and put the saved resources to a more effective use. This case is very much similar to that of Classic Airlines, wherein the
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Classic Airlines Marketing Solution Paper
Hence, it is believed that classic airlines is not reaching its targeted market effectively. In order to devise a proper strategy for treating the above problems an internal and external analysis of the firm must be carried out which would help the organization
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Classic Airlines and Marketing
In today’s competitive market it is the duty of the marketing department of companies to ensure that they maximize growth and profits, and this is achieved by strategic marketing. The commercial airline industry changes rapidly and classic
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Marekting Concepts - Classic Airlines
The company is doing great in delivering of flight services to her customers and clients (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Airlines, just like any other businesses, have their challenges and Classic Airlines is no exception. This airline got a loss of ten percent in shares
2 pages (500 words) Essay
cuts put forward by the former Marketing Director whose promise to bring back lost customers, revenues and profitability did not materialize. Moreover it led to a price war in the industry and lessened revenues for the whole industry. Meanwhile, the media is also critical of Classic Airlines and this is impacting on the morale of the employees as well. The Objectives and Obstacles of the Marketing Department It is clear that the objective of the Marketing Department is to connect with the customers, get their suggestions and feedback and then implement a Customer Recovery or Retention Program that address these elements. It had in fact compiled a database of the problems via the Internet and all that remained was to look at and address the most common ones if not all of them so that customer dissatisfaction could reduce and it would ultimately result in increased passenger lists, revenues and profitability. However the Marketing Department is facing considerable opposition from the CEO and the Financial Director who are convinced that price controls like fuel hedging is the only way to address the revenue and profitability issue. They would have to get the buy-in of both the CEO and the Finance Director before they could hope to address this issue in the manner that they want (David, 2009). Marketing Resources Available to Resolve this Crisis The marketing resources available to address this crisis are undoubtedly the database of complaints that the passengers have registered with the airline and its frontline staff prior to deciding to switch over to a competitor. In other words, we have to listen to the voice of the customers as well as note and address their complaints in writing over the Internet or as told to frontline staff such as airhostesses, reservation clerks, baggage clerks and others who are in a position to interact with the customer on a day to day basis. These frontline staff must be trained to get to the real problems,


Classic Airlines Case Study Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Classic Airlines Case Study The Current Scenario Classic Airlines is the world’s fifth largest airline, with a fleet of 375 jets that serve 240 cities. It has been in business for 25 years, having 32,000 employees…
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Classic Airlines Care Study essay example
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