Company Analysis for Saudi Basic Industries Corporation "SABIC"

Company Analysis for Saudi Basic Industries Corporation "SABIC" Research Paper example
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SABIC Company Analysis. Name: Institution: Instructor: Subject: Name: Ticker: ? SAI Recommendation: increase estimates Price: ? 96.25 Price Target: 185 Highlights The earnings per share has improved for the last three consecutive years. On the other hand, the price earnings has declined for the three years.


Business Description Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of chemical products, fertilizers, plastics and metals founded in 1976. It offers its products and services all over the world. The regional sites are the Middle East and Africa, Asia, America an Europe. SABIC is the largest and most profitable non-oil producing company in the middlie east. It is ranked in the fifth position largest world petrochemical manufacturer. It is committed to satisfying its customers through achieving individual initiatives. This is enhanced through adherence of strict safety and environmental policies. The high investment in technology and innovation facilitates the ongoing development. The management is committed in running the business and achieveing sustainability through providing services and products that meet stakeholder’s expectations as well as conduct business with respect and care for the environment. Regulations are followed at all times and they apply practical means to conserve resources and reduce waste, avoid pollution in order to minimize risks involved in their operaions. Quality of products and services is maintained at all times. Industry Overview and Competitive Positioning SABIC is in the petrochemical industries and is the five largest in the world. ...
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