Introduction to Personal and Preofessional Practice

Introduction to Personal and Preofessional Practice Essay example
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INTRODUCTION TO PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Name: Unit Name Unit Code Tutor School Date Introduction The following is a reflective essay that evaluates my individual development during the module. It gives an overview of my learning up to date since starting University.


As a student at the University of Central Lancashire, I got the opportunity to learn different things that were related to my academic and personal experiences. Responsibility and Initiative in the marketing class During the module, I have learned the importance of responsibility and initiative. Responsibility refers to being accountable for decisions and actions, and University students are expected to be responsible and take initiative in their tasks (Baker, 2009). I have had to initiate conversations with members of the faculty, make intelligent choices about the courses to take and critically decide which marketing-related clubs I needed to join. University is very different from high school, and as much as there were several advising programs in the University, many decisions were left in the hands of the students. I was faced with a responsibility over my life and I had to take initiative so as to ensure successful completion of my course. University was also quite different from home since I had been used to letting my parents make the choices for me. I needed to learn how to become independent, confident and accountable for all my actions. These needs were preparing me for the future since after school there are many opportunities that require responsibility and initiative: family life and working life. ...
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