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Running Head: Company Analysis Company Analysis of Green Estate Company [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Executive Summary Green Estate is one of the prevalent projects that came under institution in the latter years of the twentieth century. This project focused on building a better and improved place for the people to live in.


The working environment provides with the piece of information that they consider their employees as well as the volunteers associated with them a valuable asset to them, and Green Estate works towards bringing improvements to their (employees and volunteers) individual personalities. The mission and vision of the enterprise elucidates their principal interest. In addition, the SWOT and PESTEL analysis have widened the perspectives of the current working environment of Green Estates in a much broader spectrum. Moreover, the evaluations have enlightened that they continuously endeavor towards social, economic, and environmental enhancements. These analyses has provided with a wide variety of options to make recommendations that can expand and enlarge the position in the countrywide sphere. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Method 5 Findings & Discussion 6 Conclusions 8 Recommendations 9 References 13 Task 2b - Employability Skill Audit 15 Introduction The history of the Green Estate Ltd. reveals the piece of information that 1998 was the year that experienced the emergence of this organization in the region of UK. ...
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