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DVC of Santa Clarita Valley Project

Therefore marketing information refers to the process in which information regarding the promotion of a particular product is released to the public. In marketing, there is the aspect of the four Ps, i.e. price, place, promotion and product. The value of the services being offered is depicted by its price, and location of gaining access to the product is depicted by the place. Promotion depicts information regarding the product being offered while product is the final solution that clients want (Day et al, 1999). DVC stands for Domestic Violence Centre. This is a non-governmental organization that advocates for non-violence measures in solving domestic issues. DVC is transparent in running its affairs and all information regarding its activities is on the public domain through its website. Therefore anybody donating his/ her resources to the organization knows how their resources are spent. The organization also audits its accounts after every six months to ensure that its financial resources are not misappropriated; therefore, DVC invites anyone willing to sponsor its activities as a partner. ...
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Name: Professor: To define Marketing Communication, we need to know the meaning of marketing and its concepts. Marketing refers to a set of policies whose main aims are to deliver, create, communicate and exchange substances that have value for clients and the society in general, therefore marketing are methods which business organizations start to create a stronger bond with its clients with the aim of getting value from them (Koharik, 2009)…
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