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Case study: BMWi Table of Contents 1.0.Introduction 3 2.0.Situational Analysis 4 3.0.Strategies to Generate the 5,000 Leads 5 a.Acquire a New Type of Customer for BMWi 5 b.Migrating Existing Customers for BMWi 6 c.Database Strategies of BMWi 7 4.0.Segmentation, Marketing Plans and Recommendations for BMWi 9 5.0.Conclusion 11 References 12 Bibliography 14 1.0.


The company is well known for its exceptional designs with high quality of luxurious elements. In terms of the environmental consciousness, this is one of the vital issues that the automobile companies must focus on in this fiercely competitive world. The experimentation of this ecological approach was first conducted by BMW in 1972, during Olympics held at Munich, Germany. The company executed its successful experiment for the first ecological car in this Olympic which influenced BMW to move ahead with the concept leading to the commencement of its sub-brand, BMWi (BMW Group, 2011). The paper will hereby focus on the situational analysis of the company with the intention to plan a marketing strategic alliance and assist the company to launch a model of BMWi acquiring new type of customer group(s). The prime focus in this regards would be rendered toward the attainment of the organizational goal to generate 5000 leads. Strategies concerning segmentation and targeting as well as directing marketing, media and creative plan will also be suggested to BMWi. 2.0. ...
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