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How Is Apple Inc's Strategy Different than It Was in 1995

Apple had also gotten into licensing arrangements that authorized select third parties to manufacture Macintosh clones. At this moment in time Apple was performing poorly on several fronts to the extent that Alsop (1996) referred to it as one of the industry’s worst managed organizations. Apple’s market research and product development were not in synch as the company consistently either overestimated or underestimated demand such that there was a glut of unpopular models and shortage of popular models. The company’s marketing strategy was also weak given that consumers viewed Apple brands to be more expensive than for competitors whereas in reality this was the opposite. The major competitors to Apple at this juncture were IBM and IBM clones in computer hardware and Microsoft Windows in operating system software. The release of Windows95 later that year further led to the reduction in market share for Apple computers as Microsoft had not only mimicked the Mac’s GUI but had also come up with a better GUI version. This was a big blow to Apple because developing the GUI technology was one of the company’s core competencies. ...
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How is Apple Inc.’s strategy different today than it was in 1995? Apple until 1995 In 1995, Apple Inc. was known as Apple Computer Inc. and it remained true to its co-founder’s goal of primarily being a micro-computer manufacturer although it also manufactured a few consumer devices such as the Newton, a personal digital assistant (PDA) (“History of Apple Inc.,” 2012)…
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