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segmenting,targeting and positioning/planning marketing mix

It is centrally located within the city with good infrastructure. This has given it a competitive advantage over its competitors. Due to rapid expansion, the company plans to invest more on international marketing to increase its sales. Its aim is to capture other international rivals by emphasizing on both customer satisfaction and creativity (McDonald, 2007). Therefore, the company intends to double its sales and maximize its profits with the increased market share.
Marketing incorporates various activities like product pricing, design, advertising, and strategies, etc. for successful operation. Nevertheless, there are other elements that are very important for the marketing process. These elements are (Kate & David , 2010):
Research: ICT Company has to carry out extensive market research so as to determine exactly the market demands. Market demands vary from place to place and there is need, therefore, to conduct market research to satisfy them. Market research helps the company to adopt and choose the best medium to achieve the goals.
Strategy: once ICT Company has established enough information on market situation, it will know where its products and services can capture the market and which strategies to use. The strategies to be used will help it cope with its competitors and emerge the best in the market. It also determines where the company would be in future.
Planning: now that ICT Company is aware of where it is heading to, it has to plan how it will reach there. This involves financial planning, sales forecasting, and other concrete plans to drive the company. Planning is timely to enable the company moves steadily towards its set goals.
Tactics: the company has to employ sound measure to attract many customers, overcome its competitors, double its sales and provide the best value for customer satisfaction. The company can use this tactic “buy three, get one ...
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It deals with the sale of personal computers, servers, laptops, software and other computer related accessories with the aim of becoming the best player in…
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