Increasing Physical Activity amongst Youth Australians

Increasing Physical Activity amongst Youth Australians Essay example
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Increasing physical activity amongst youth Australians Name Institution Executive Summary A large number of the Australian youngsters between the ages of 7 and 15 are currently involved in aggressively activities. The research shows that kids aged 7-15 are prone to overweight and obesity.


Increasing physical activity amongst youth Australians Since the 70’s and 80’s, research has shown that Australian kids between the ages of 7-16 tend to suffer from overweight and obese. According to the research results by Beaulieu (2008) the increase in overweight population occurrence rose by 70% while that of the obese went up 2-4-fold. The results from the analysis by Beaulieu raises alarm urging Australian parents to identify and employ effective measures to counter overweight and obesity, a hazard to the community health. People with weight problems are prone to organ failures and acute body malfunctions. People with overweight problems have their hearts overworking due to lots of fat accumulation in the chest cavity and the heart itself, putting their lives at risk because they are likely to suffer from heart failures and breathing problems. The dangers of failing to exercise regularly are clearly explained by Mackinnon’s book Exercise Management (2003). Lots of Australian parents ignore the data that researchers present them from their recent analysis. A research conducted by Royal Children’s’ Hospital in Melbourne shows that 30% of all the 12-17 years old are overweight. ...
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