Entrepreneurial Marketing Business Plan

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Entrepreneurial Marketing Business Plan Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Oz Tube is an Australian social website company that deals with advertisements and publicity of local events and business venues. This network takes advantage of the robust and viable aspect of social networking to conduct its business practices.


OZ Tube operates exclusively in the south-east Queensland and Brisbane. In this regard, most of the contents are meant for the local population. OZ Tube directs all its hospitality content to the youth population in these two areas. OZ Tube productions works articulately with hospitality premises and other recreational destinations in producing tailor-made video content that responds to the preferences held by the youth (Tunji, 2011). In addition, OZ Tube website provides updates on a 24/7 basis on what is happening within the local hospitality venues and any other related recreational event. All the promotional programs and videos produced by this company changes swiftly with times due to changes in the required content of the advertisement episodes in videos and in the internet. At this juncture, we can appraise the context of a dynamic process whereby OZ Tube is planning to create a new TV program named The Pulse (Tunji, 2011). Just like any other video programs hosted by OZ Tube, The Pulse carries the contents of hospitality and tourism events and venues. This is one of the contemporary TV programs aimed at facilitating delivery of promotional contents to the target generation. The Pulse will revolve around the aspect of entertainment, travel ways and recreational places. ...
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