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Cornflower Blue A. Cornflower Blue is an extremely small organization. The key to survival would be a constant evolution of the products being meted out by this business entity. The development of the new products should aim at the “line extension”. This has two fundamental reasons- The reputation of the store is based on the established herbal products.


This involves the process of the idea design, the engineering of the idea and the detail analysis (Sviokla, 2004). The other process could be the introduction of a new product by the means of market analysis (The Marketing Manager can be entrusted with this duty). The extension of the line can be brought about by the introduction of new products in the herb based aromatherapy, body –care, culinary and the associated products (as for example, introduction of new type of herbal shampoo for children or culinary items for diabetics). This shall help the firm in line extension without increasing the “product line depth” and “product line vulnerability”. B. The study of the current system of the distribution of “Cornflower Blue” products exposes a very serious lacuna in the distribution strategy. The organization has a very limited number of outlets (only five), spread in southern England and run by the family members. This hurts the existent business in two ways- Geographic visibility is very less. The products are very prone to customer sensitivity in the buying patterns (This can be attributed to the limited penetration of the product in the market). The customers can also benefit from the re-configuration of the distribution strategy. ...
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