Innovative E-Marketing in European Football Clubs

Innovative E-Marketing in European Football Clubs Dissertation example
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Social Media Marketing in the European Football Industry Final Dissertation Project Naif ALRABIE “To be where the user is, using the channels that the user uses” Gonzalez, D. P. (2010) Abstract Do European football clubs that engage fans through e-marketing techniques generate more revenues than those who do not?


Football is one of the most popular sports not only in Europe but also around the globe. There are billions of football followers and fans. Since the world is changing to become a global village comprised of an online community, the concepts of e-commerce, e-business and e-marketing are very common. The traditional boundaries are no longer hindrances in the frequent communication of people who live thousands of miles away from each other. E-marketing is a growing phenomenon which is based on the most recent and innovative marketing tools such as social media and mobile phones. It is equally beneficial for all industries, producers and investors to get engaged in income generating activities. All of the European football clubs have a large number of fans and followers who attract investors and sponsors to finance the clubs so that their products and services are maximized. The analysis of data collected for this study through primary and secondary sources, shows that the clubs which engage their fans through e-marketing techniques are generating solid revenues even in times of recession. ...
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