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RUNNING HEAD: COMPANY ANALYSIS Company Analysis – Methanol Chemicals Company PLC Name Institution April, 2012 Company analysis – Methanol Chemicals Company PLC Earnings per share The share of the company has been performing well in the market for the past four years.


In general, the company is engaged mainly in the manufacture of methanol of premium grade like formaldehyde. The company has earned a reputation of being a world class company. It has also earned a reputation as dependable and a quality manufacturer that possess very sophisticated logistical support and marketing system. The company is committed to advance in its leading position in the manufacture of chemicals by the way it undertakes its investments and this will be achieved by intensified research and development and with the production of tailor made products which will be made to meet the specific needs of the customers. To remain competitive in the market, the company also plans to increase its methanol capacity to the production capacity of231,000 tons a year. Industry overview and competitive positioning Methanol Chemicals Company PLC operates in a manufacturing industry where it manufactures agricultural fertilizers, solvents, pharmaceuticals, laminates for the wood industry and various types of concrete admixtures. The company offers diversified products with 26 different products in more than 50 countries across the globe, which provides profitability and flexibility for the company. ...
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