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Marketing and e-commerce

Essay "Marketing and E-commerce" is a very popular task in Universities and Colleges. The author of this paper is high leveled specialist in this area, that's why he tried to bring critical outlook at this problem, as much as it was possible. Also, he claims that e-commerce is an example of an industry, whereby trades and consumers buy services or products through the use of electronic systems, like computer networks, or the internet. In the modern times, E-commerce involves the use of the World Wide Web, in its transactions, and this involves using a wide range of technological innovations such as the social media, emails, mobile devices, and telephones. Collier reveals that electronic commerce is the backbone of the e-business, and this is because it is impossible to conduct an e-business without the use of electronic gadgets such as computers, or even mobile phones.
E-business also involves an exchange of data, for purposes of facilitating the payment and financing of certain aspects of a business transaction. It is important to understand that e-Business is an effective method of communicating in an organization and a very reliable and effective method of carrying out a business operation. Scholars denote that e-Business is an example of a marketing strategy, when the company under operation, enters into a business environment without necessarily having a physical presence. This paper is an essay, that probably will help you to get the highest mark and to save your time for something you really like! ...
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In this essay, the main point is interaction and commune usage of two economic instruments: marketing and e-commerce. Author analyses the reasons of high effectiveness of both methods and reviews difficulties that possibly can occur, when someone wants to make business on the Internet…
Author : medhurstalan

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