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McDonalds Name Institution Course Professor Date McDonalds Balanced Scorecard McDonalds has always maintained offering quality services since it was started. It has adapted an effective and reliable balanced scorecard, which has boosted its prosperity to today.


People are concerned with their health situations, so they seem to choose healthy menu items. McDonalds has; therefore, tried to adapt healthy menu items and avoid unhealthy characters that are not in demand by everyone. In order to support innovation, the MacAfee was introduced (Panwer 2004). They sell coffee drinks, which are premium at very competitive prices. It offers customers a different experience; thus, making the McDonalds different from their competitors. McDonalds has many suppliers throughout the world who provide to all the restaurants. Some of the suppliers include Martin-Brower, J.R Simplot, and golden State Foods. The McDonalds restaurants all use products from the same product suppliers. This means one can get the same products whether in different countries or states. This new foundation has been put to ensure consistency among the restaurants. McDonalds expect that their suppliers give them the best products. The suppliers are relied on to do the shipping of the products. Change of a supplier would lead to a change in its menu. This factor allows the suppliers to have a high bargaining power. It continues to differentiate itself with suppliers and its customers (Rothaermel 2007). The distribution of its products is not any different from other companies. It operates a strategy of cost leadership. The chief investment strategist has a belief that they should entail the factor of product differentiation. ...
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