Lucozade Company International Expansion

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Lucozade Company International Expansion Abstract This article looks at the expansion of the lucozade company into Saudi Arabian market and its effects on the Muslim people. The Saudi Arabian market, unlike England, is a Muslim dominated market where people are strict followers of the religion.


Introduction Lucozade Company is a trademark name that is used to encompass a series of sports energy drinks, which are produced by the GlaxoSmithKline Company. The energy drink alongside Ribena is currently being produced in Royal Forest Factory in Cole ford, Gloucestershire, in the Forest of Dean. Although Lucozade is presently known as Lucozade Energy, it was previously branded Lucozade. The drink contains a series of flavors, which depend with the taste, and preference of the individual consumer. It contains a series of still, fruit based, isotonic energy drinks, which are designed mainly for use to the original Lucozade sport and other physically demanding activities. Moreover, the company has developed a brand known as Lucozade sport lite, which is a sugar free substance and was launched in 2011 mainly for diabetic people. Other flavors that come along with this drinks include, Orange, Raspberry, Tropical, Cherry, Lite- Orange, Lite- Lemon & Lime, and Lite- Cherry. Background Lucozade Company was started in 1953 in Brent ford, England. However, William Owe, a chemical analyst from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, started the events that started the company in 1927. Owen’s original idea was to come up with a soft drink that would be primarily used by ailing patients to boost their energy. ...
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