Sales and Marketing on Airline Industry

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Sales and Marketing on airline industry Contents Sales and Marketing on airline industry 1 Contents 2 Company Overview 4 SWOT Analysis 4 Strengths 4 Weakness 5 Opportunities 5 Threats 6 PESTLE Analysis 6 Political 6 Economical 7 Social 7 Technological 8 Legal 8 Environmental 8 Examples to Support 4Ps 9 Product 9 Place 9 Promotion 10 Price 10 Competitor Analysis 10 Promotion Plan 11 Focus on 4P’s 11 Materials to be Used 12 Chronological Sequence 12 Forecasted Expenses 13 References 14 Company Overview Qatar Airways is one of the most reputed, luxurious and preferred aircraft carriers in the world.


As of the year 2011, the airline has received around 30% growth for route expansion counting on a year on year basis. Its fleet comprises of carriers with the latest technology on board as well as in the cockpit. The vision of the airline was to be the best in the airline industry in terms of service which mainly comprises of on board services and products and superior operational efficiencies and excellence (Qatar Airways, 2012). SWOT Analysis Strengths New addition of 200 new aircrafts to its flight, going to increase the fleet strength and operational capabilities for the airline (Business Line, 2012). Modern technology based fleet reducing CO2 emission in flights, making the fleet eco friendly and thereby reducing the carbon footprint for the business. Ownership rights equally distributed amongst the government and the private sector, thereby having strong support from the government sector. The fuel advantage deriving out of the fact that Qatar lies in the Middle East zone, an area rich in oil reserves. ...
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