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Eco-Friendly Cruise ship

An example of a greenhouse gas, emitted by fuel is carbon dioxide, which is always accused of destroying the earth’s ozone layer. Based on these environmental concerns, a number of cruise ships have embarked on renovations that are eco friendly (Carnival, 2014).
For example, Disney Cruise ship, and the Holland America have conducted a series of Green Renovations aimed at reducing the emission of green house gases . These renovations include the use of facilities and equipments which are known to conserve the environment. For instance, these institutions have upgraded their engine systems, to a level whereby they emit a reduced level of fuel into the atmosphere (Choice, 2014). However, this is not enough. This is because; a new phenomenon is taking shape in the tourism industry. This phenomenon is referred to as the eco-tourism trend.
Tourists are now concerned with getting eco experiences while they are cruising (Wood, 2014). On this basis, tourists will choose destinations that are known for environmental conservation, and a cruise ship that has an extensive renovation, that reflects its capability to protect the environment (Choice, 2014). On this basis, it is within our suggestion to introduce a cruise ship into the family of the Royal Caribbean fleet that is eco-friendly. This will play a great role in gaining a competitive advantage over the competitors of Royal Caribbean fleet, who are mainly the Holland America Cruise Ships, and the Disney Cruise Ship (Royal Caribbean, 2014).
It is important to denote that while developing a cruise ship that is eco-friendly, Royal Caribbean fleets has to consider a number of factors, such as the target customers, who will be attracted to the ship under consideration. For example, in the current century, the younger generation is more concerned with the preservation of the environment, and hence, they will be more attracted to a cruise ship that is ...
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It is important to understand that the voyage itself and the amenities of the ship form part of the experience of the pleasure voyage (Wood, 2014). In as much as these voyages are always…
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