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Amazon Prime

So, in order to generate value for the customers, frequent purchases on the online store is necessary.
For repositioning the service, a multi step strategy can be implemented. The first one is to create awareness about the service among the loyal customers, who have high shopping frequency. The second step will be to highlight the benefits of faster product delivery during the holiday seasons, which are the prime shopping seasons (Rao, 2013). The third step can be to pitch the service to consumers, who has a high movie watching tendency. The final tactic will be to offer attractive price rate for consumer electronics and books, since they have the highest purchases in the online stores (Nanji, 2013). By offering attractive prices, the purchase frequency of the consumers can be increased and this will create a pull demand for the Amazon Prime Service.
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The unique features of the service is that it offers free two day shipping on the items purchased in the online shopping stores along with access to Amazon Prime’s video service. Currently, the price of…
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