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A sales force system is such a system which combines the marketing and management systems in a company in such a way that it would eventually assist a company, in the mechanization of sales and sales force management operations. Moreover, the marketing and management systems are…

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report : answer 3 question,

A sales force system will help the company in complying with the company’s process and will certainly result in successful interactions.
Account management. SPSL has to effectively organize all the successful leads and integrate with customer accounts by implementing the sales force system. It could then be measured by relevant tools, process, and objectives of the sales force system.
Sales force management. This crucial process includes training and developing the company’s sales staff regarding the sales force management system. Apart from that the management of SPSL should implement relevant IT systems and control process and spread it across relevant people and departments of the company.
For Saxon plumbing services, the incremental method could be the best approach for determining and evaluating the size and ability of the sales force size. The incremental method is primarily based on the proposition that net profit may increase for the company when additional sales staff is added for an increase in potential sales revenues and as a result that results in incremental costs for the company (Brennan, Canning, & McDowell, 2010).
This method could be appropriate for Saxon Plumbing services. However this method could be one of the most difficult to implement. SPSL will be required to put in intensive efforts for organizing and developing a sales response team which can function in analyzing market behavior and can also evaluate alternative levels of selling efforts. Due to this reason, SPSL’s management needs to have an efficient research and information team within the company before implementing this system. An efficient implementation of the incremental method will result in reducing company’s workload, increasing the company’s sales potential and improving the company’s performance on a large scale.
The Sales force system starts from identifying and analyzing a company’s specific sales targets and sales options. For SPSL, ...
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