Admission Essay sample - How Will Netflix Stay Ahead of its Competitors as it Enters an International Market in a Rapidly Changing Economic Environment

How Will Netflix Stay Ahead of its Competitors as it Enters an International Market in a Rapidly Changing Economic Environment Admission Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: How will Netflix Stay Ahead of its Competitors as it Enters an International Market in a Rapidly Changing Economic Environment Netflix is an American service donor of well admired internet streaming media in Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, United States, Ireland and United Kingdom…


Netflix usually presents internet video streaming of chosen titles to compatible devices and computers running either Mac OS X or Windows. Netflix library gets encoded into three different bandwidth tiers, in a format based on the Windows Media Codecs and VC-1 Video. The following are the categories bandwidth tiers: 1. The lowest tier with a bandwidth of 1.5 megabit/s, and offers video and stereo audio quality similar to a DVD. 2. The middle tier with a bandwidth of 3 megabit/s, and offers audio and video quality better than DVD 3. The highest tier with a bandwidth of 5 megabit/s, and offers surround sound audio of 720p HD. Subscribers usually create a rental queue of all the movies they want to rent. Netflix also have 58 different shipping locations in the entire United States. Subscribers usually email the previous rental movies to Netflix using a prepaid mailing envelope (Michael, page 8). Then, Netflix sends the new, available movies in the subscriber’s rental queue. Netflix profiles permit subscriber account to have multiple users with independent DVD queues, friend lists, ratings, reviews, recommendations, and intrasite communications for each. ...
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