Ethel's Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future?

Case Study
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Ethel's Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future? Consumer Buying Decisions The types of consumer who choose to shop at Ethel’s are those who like limited decision making. These types of consumers are attracted to Ethel’s because of the value of product and the experience that they get from spending time socializing in store.


These types of consumers make spontaneous decisions based on the information available to them at the time. The income bracket of customers is upper middle class because of the high-quality products that are on offer. These people may want to experience what it feels like to be rich but do not want to spend exorbitant prices to do so. This is a mix of how chocolate houses were back in the 17th century and the way American settlers pioneered cheap chocolate for all social classes. These days, Ethel’s is attempting to give a wide range of people an up-market experience at chocolate cafes where they can act outside of their social class. Spending Factors The first factor that would persuade a consumer to shop at Ethel’s is because of the great social experience that the cafe entails. Because the cafe advertises that it is “a place for chocolate and chitchat,” it takes advantage of consumers’ desire for chocolate by offering them a place to come and talk with like-minded individuals. The couches laid out give the store a “hip and classy feel.” Many people who are looking to improve their social standing are attracted to this kind of look. Their primary motivation to shop at Ethel’s is for chocolate, but the ambient setting gives them extra reason to go there. ...
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