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Three Es of Sustainable Marketing

This essay discusses that the company organizes its internal and external processes in a way that helps it to maintain value for its stakeholders. Internal process includes the management of resources and external process includes activities of the firm that is suitable for the environment. Stakeholder includes people which are directly or indirectly connected with the organization like owner, employees, shareholders and value chain partners etc. This method is known as Sustainable Marketing. Companies who want to establish and maintain its value and have clearly defined goals related to its activities and its effect not only on their economical condition but also on the people around and environment in which they operate. Importance of Sustainable Marketing can be understood by the company when they start realizing that they are dealing with finite resources, so they have some responsibilities towards its existing and potential stakeholders, and by focusing on fulfilling its responsibilities they can gain benefit for short as well as long term. Thompson, explained the different methods or thoughts of sustainable marketing, any resource that is lacking can be a problem, as a valuable way of learning to perform, and problems related to moral values and integrity. Organizations’ marketing can become more sustainable by means of three important strategies, commonly known as three E’s. Following are the ‘E’s of sustainable marketing: ecology; economy and ethnology. ...
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The researcher of this essay aims to pay special attention to the three E’s of sustainable marketing: ecology; economy and ethnology. This research aims to evaluate and present the significance of these three E’s can be evaluated for Burgerville. …
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