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Essay example - Strategic Management

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Strategic Management  Essay example
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MGT499 - Strategic Management Module 3 Case- Internal Analysis and SWOT Name: Institution: Introduction The following paper will focus at Toyota Motor Corporation in general. It will also be looking at the internal analysis and SWOT of the Toyota Motor Corporation and how they use these findings to improve on their business…

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Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota Motor Corporation is a company that is leading globally in manufacturing and sales, in the automobile industry. Its main aim is to make better cars and be able to contribute to the society at large. Toyota Motor Corporations is committed to considering the customer first by manufacturing vehicles that are of high quality and those that are of affordable price (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2009). Toyota Motor Corporations believe in a bigger and brighter automobile future. Their main objective is to try and understand the customers’ needs and be able to provide services and products according to these desires. Therefore, Toyota motor corporations is endeavored to pursue the right way forward, to be able to further their growth and make each stakeholder happy and satisfied(Toyota Motors Corporation, 2009). Internal analysis and SWOT Toyota Motor Corporation is termed as the largest manufacturing company of cars by production and sales in the automobile industry (Schmitt, 2010). It is also the largest manufacturing company in the US, and it is currently operating under five principles, which include; challenge, Kaizen, GenchiGenbutsu, respect, and teamwork (Toyota way, 2001). ...
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