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MGT499 - Strategic Management Module 3 SLP- Internal Analysis and SWOT Name: Institution: Introduction Toyota is a Japanese parent company of the Toyota group, and it is among the largest manufacturers of automobile manufacturers in the world. Most of its companies produce automobiles, automobile parts and commercial and industrial vehicles.


This is a niche, which is valued by customers, and Toyota Motor Corporation has taken advantage of it (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2009). SWOT analysis-Toyota motor corporation strengths Toyota has the biggest strengths in developing unique cars, and this is done through innovative technologies. This is evident when there is a vast market sale of Prius hybrid cars in the United States. These vehicles are fuel-efficient. This is what consumers’ want since they are becoming aware and conscious about the fuel-efficiency ratings. This has led to customer satisfaction and loyalty to the company (The Japan times, 2007). The second strength is being able to have the largest amount of sales at $ 185,524.00 million, which is 15% of the global markets sales. This has encouraged the Toyota Motor Corporation to emphasize on the human resource department so as to equip itself with the latest research and development tools, which will enable it to maintain this profit and even gain much more. Their next project is to make two hybrid vehicles (Highfill, Baki, Copus, Green and Whineland, 2004). The third strength that Toyota has established is being able to be environmental friendly throughout their production. ...
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