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MARKETING RESEARCH DESIGNING RESEARCH PLAN Defining the Project Objective Statement Primary To evaluate the increase in customer flow for microfiber cleaning of fabrics such as cotton, Bleeder etc and also measure the level of customer satisfaction for the same.


Project Team For the completion of market research process, the internal source required would include: Human Resource: to measure the customer satisfaction, through feedback forms and other sources etc. IT: for rendering required information pertaining to the designed objective, for instance, customer details etc. Market Research: for analyzing and evaluating of data Research Value The research undertaken would be certainly beneficial for the organization in identifying whether its customers are really satisfied with the service or organizations needs to imbibe certain changes for future. The research would also help in evaluating the customer flow in related area and thereby identify measures to increase it in near future. Microfiber industry is an up-growing one with changes of high returns in future provided right tools and techniques are applied for. ...
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