Product and Brand Management

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Abstract Developing a Kooler Refresh is critical to this firm as it requires extensive research to ensure that this service is successful in the market. As evident, new products face different challenges ranging from consumer perceptions to market competition thus a firm has to be better equipped to tackle such issues.


This will make it possible for the company to compete effectively with established competitors in the market. Branding is a vital marketing tool to this effect. Branding will ensure that the company will have a competitive edge for this product and will also be a visible name in the market. Product and Brand Management Part1: Competitive Analysis (Positioning map) Competitive positioning is all about describing Kooler Refresh will be differentiated as well as the creation of value for the product in the market. This will be done after developing the business’s analysis of competitiveness. The company carves a spot for itself in the competitive landscape centering on delivering strategies (Daft, 2010). ...
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