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Barnes & Noble Incorporated is one of the world’s largest book sellers. Its main business is under retail catering to the needs of various customer segments.


By this, it remarkable tries to create the best value for its both existing and prospective customers. At the very moment, it addresses this concern by implementing Barnes & Noble Cafes, NOOK bookstore, specialize 1 million unique book titles, and addressing its commitment to carry a vast selection of titles from many large or small publishers. In other words, its very point in doing this is to be the best specialty retail in America regardless of the products it sells. This is the very mission of Barnes & Noble and it is important for this company to address the level of product volume it promises to serve with its customers. As a specialty retail store, it is important for Barnes & Noble to hear the response of its customers in order to evaluate the level of value it has already given to its customers. In line with this, it is necessary that the Barnes & Noble should focus on the area of customer service in order to understand how far it is trying to create a value for its customers. As of the moment, Barnes & Noble is open for questions and suggestions in order to address customers’ superior or excellent experience with them. This can be done via internet or through phone. In line with this, Barnes & Noble should create strategic measure on how far it addresses the level of customer service it promises to give. In line with this, it is important that the company should implement performance measurement strategy. One that can be applied is the balanced scorecard which helps aligns business’ visions and activities, and evaluates specific strategies. ...
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