Advertising:Strategies to make a successful sales promotion

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Sales promotions include communication activities that help in adding value to the customers, wholesalers and retailers. Sales promotion helps in building interest amongst the customers by making them purchase the product.


Sales promotion is an important tool in the process of marketing an organization’s product or service. It aims at improving sales of an organization by altering the behavioral pattern of consumers towards purchasing of product or services. It also helps an organization to boost its sales by attracting new customers and at the same retaining the existing ones. The strategies of sales promotion include push, pull and mixed strategies. In push strategy sales promotion involves mediators to push the product of an organization to consumers through the distribution channels. In pull strategy of sales promotion it is the consumer who demands for the product of an organization and pulls it through the distribution channel. Mixed strategy is implemented when the product requires a push from the customers as well as the intermediaries (King, 2012). The different tactics involved in sales promotion are cash refunds, premiums, loyalty programs, coupons, etc. Business Location Business location is an important aspect related to the sales promotion strategy developed by an organization. It is important for an organization to evaluate and analyze a location most preferable to launch a new product. Business location can play a major role in assuring good sales promotion strategy for an organization or may even affect the implementation of strategy. ...
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