The Development in Saudi Arabia

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The Development in Saudi Arabia Name Institution Saudi Arabia is the largest country in west Asia mainly comprising of Arabian Peninsula. It is the second largest in the Arab world from Algeria. The country’s Gross Domestic Product per capita stood at 9425 US dollars in December 2010 as per the World Bank.


It also experience major government controls over various economical activities. The growth rate of the country since 2000 has been varying with the highest being in 2004. The country is ranked as the largest exporter of petroleum in the world and has a very important role to play in Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Currently, the country is focusing on encouraging the private sector to invest in the country in order to create more employment opportunities for the local citizens in order to reduce the unemployment rate in the country that currently stands at 10.9%. Some of the effort by the government to attract more investors in the country is through improving service provision in telecommunication sector, natural gas exploration and other power generation measures. These measures are aimed at provision of a serene enviroment for transacting busineses. One of the challenging issues that affects Saudi economy is a high population of people who are illeterate. This has given way for the foreignors who retrieve countrys wealth and send back to their country. The government is therefore, aiming at improving education levels in the country through setting up various education institutions in the country.(Trading economics 2012) Population The population in Saudi Arabia stands at 26.1 million people as per July 2011 statistics. ...
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