Deeveloping a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Emirates Airlines

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Strategic Marketing Executive Summary Emirates Airline is the world’s best airline. Since its foundation the airline has grown tremendously. Emirates marketing strategy is based on its positioning as a brand. It is part of various sports and events which has increased its brand value.


A marketing-mix to support the alternative strategy for the airline has been provided. Implementation of marketing plan and its importance during emergency have well been described in the report. Table of Content Emirates Airline 6 Emirates Current Marketing Strategy 6 SWOT Analysis 7 Strength 7 Weakness 8 Opportunity 8 Threat 8 Competitive Environment Assessment 9 Porter’s Five Forces Model 9 1.Threat of segment rivalry 9 2.Threat of new entrant 10 3.Threat of substitutes 10 4.Bargaining power of Suppliers 10 5.Bargaining power of consumers 11 Marketing Issues and Alternative Strategy 11 Rationale for the alternative choice 12 Marketing-mix Strategy to support the alternative 13 a)Product: 14 b)Price: 14 c)Promotion 15 d)Place: 15 Marketing Plan 16 Reference 18 Bibliography 20 Emirates Airline Emirates Airline was founded in the year 1985. It started its first flight from Dubai which is also the Headquarter for the Airline Company. The main objective and goal of the Airline has been delivering service with world class quality and it has succeeded doing so in its journey of more than 25 years. Emirates Airline has emerged as a global Airline with its presence across 6 continents and above 60 countries and 120 destinations. The Airline has over 170 aircrafts in its fleet. Emirates have carried more than 30 million passengers and over 1 million tons of cargo (as per 2010-11) (Emirates, 2012). ...
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