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Marketing plan on the composition - the Mind the Gap!

The designer was Raymond Scott. From around 1960 with commencement with silver apples and white Noise bands, the electronic music has perpetually filtered through into pop music with its eventual financial marketability conducted in 1980s and the advancement of the Synth Pop. Historically, the genre has gone forward to grab grooves in the 70s and funk or disco in the electronic composition. After that electronic become an original entity of itself resulting in the spinning of the new sounds and subsequent subgenres. The initial breakthrough began in post- disco environment on the environs of Chicago (Kotler & Scheff, 2006, Pp56).
Mind the Gap! Is an independent record that I have composed ad plans to introduce my talented friend based in Cyprus who has will then compose the lyrics to the music. The music borrows from the events of experienced when train comes close to the platform. The independent single invests hugely in the ever growing funs of electronic music that anticipates locally composed electronic music. Currently, the music genre assumes close to 10% percent of the market share for close to 10 years. Globally , the music is hugely valued by close to 3 billion people mainly youths who consumes the audio contest in terms of the CDs, MPs, sheet music and file downloads with further licensed deals(King & Feist, 2009, Pp45). ...
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This is a complete marketing project that demonstrates the practical application of knowledge acquired whilst studying the marketing of popular music. The project will be focused on promotion of one of the pieces of popular music of the writer has composed…
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