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Name Course Instructor Date Place Assignment: Burger King The impact of technological advancement is felt extensively in the marketing world as many buyers and sellers introduced services and products as well as order for the goods through websites in the internet.


This has however changed in the recent past after consumers and sellers altogether encountered numerous problems ranging from wrong specification to wrong delivery of goods. This case mainly affected clothes and food industries that offer variety of items. For example, it is hard for one to determine the taste of certain food item viewed on the website or determine the fitting of certain dress viewed on the website. Nowadays consumers need to move to the physical shops to do their own selections, but need to get information about the existing product, which is only possible by use technology. Burger King is one the industries that faced the problems presented by the shift in technology. Burger King Company offers processed fast food materials and has headquarters in Miami, Florida. However, the company also operates several branches in various states in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The greatest segment of consumers of products offered by Burger King Company constitutes youths and working class adults who have little time to cook. Burger King operates brick and mortar form of business since effective sales can only take place when individual clients walk in the shop and do their own selections that satisfy their tastes. ...
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