The climate change. Carbon Tax in Australia.

The climate change. Carbon Tax in Australia. Essay example
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The government of Australia have proposed a new environmental tax to be effective from July 1, 2012. It would be levied on the basis of the quantity of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Initially the tax rate is set at $23 per tonne of emitted carbon dioxide.


It is supposed to affect most of the Australian industries along with the household people. Carbon tax has been proposed with the view of associating cost with carbon emission and encouraging people to make use renewable sources of energy. An IMC plan has been set out to promote this new carbon tax in Australia. The target audience has been identified to be the Australian households and the industries in Australia. Relevant communication objectives have also been developed focusing more on the awareness amongst people about carbon tax and its implications and thereby helping to create a brand image of the same. Creative strategies towards the achievement of each of the communication objectives have also been developed. Media plan have been formulated and is considered to be the key of the effectiveness of this IMC plan. A proper media mix has been taken into consideration to enable effective communication with the specific target audiences. The climate change as a consequence of global warming is an important environmental issue in today’s world. The earth’s temperature has been rising at an alarming rate in the recent years. All the nations in the world are concerned about it, and Australia is no exception. The government of Australia has come up with the proposal of implementation of a new environmental tax, namely carbon tax. ...
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