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Name: Institution: FREIGTAG Introduction The FREITAG Company is a world-renowned firm, which prides its success, on the bags that it produces. The company has grown through leaps and bounds to become a pioneer in the world of design. The strategy implemented by the firm stems from their ideology of creating products that define the element of quality, yet they must depict style and be a durable product for their customers.


The company prides its products in high regard, which is mirrored in the price of the bags. The company targets the high-end market, but it has not stopped the market from spending money on the pricy bags. However, the nature of the products is designed as durable bags, which is incorporated in the pricing. The company bases their pricing on the factor that the purchase of a bag will imply that the customer will not have to buy another bag for a long time. The durability of the bags is attributed to the resources used in the product development (Kotter, 2002). The organization uses old truck tarpaulins, car seat belts, and the inner tubes of bicycle tires to develop their expensive bags. The tools used are ideal for the company because they are cheap material since they are on low demand and they can be used in developing the bags, which are durable. The design of the bags is based on the bag design for the bike couriers, which they use for making deliveries. The design is suited to the general market because it has a casual look, and the bag can be used for various occasions, as well as in practical sense. The design is based on attracting keen observers of style and design. ...
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