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Franchising – Just Dogs Name University EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The franchising business is one of those business domains that have seen an exponential increase in the last 2 decades. Every industry in the world has some of its players operating under franchised operations.


In the following report I have analysed the feasibility of marketing operations of opening a franchise of “Just Dogs” Gourmets Company in Washington, USA. I have analysed that the strategy of franchising will work if only the company works affectively on its promotion schemes and position strategies. The franchise will have to carry the same value proposition as laid down by the parent company and streamline its operations with it. In this way, the franchise will be able to gain innumerable benefits of the franchising strategy. SITUATION ANALYSIS Just Dogs! Gourmet is a dog food manufacturing company that specializes in all natural Dog treats and sells them through Bakeries throughout the United States. Handmade Dog delights and gourmet treats are the specialities of Just Dogs! Gourmet Company. As far as the franchising strategy and success of the company is concerned, it is counted among the Companies with the fastest growing franchises throughout the world. The company focus on providing the best Dog treats to the customers to ensure that every Dog in the target market is satisfied. Dog accessories are also some counted as the major products of the company. The company provides a lot of incentive for the franchisees in order to extend its business on the geographical landscape (Help, 2012). ...
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