Ownership in Foreign Direct Investment

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Ownership in Foreign Direct Investment Type of Ownership One significant feature that is seen about the type of ownership that prevails in Genting International’s situation is that even though the mother company could be generally described as a foreign company, the delivery company, which is Genting International itself, is based in Singapore.


Some of these reasons are clearly envisioned in the case study on Genting International and includes the fact that transnational ownership give owners of companies the right and opportunity of benefiting from labor and investment laws that apply to both national companies and international companies. In the case of Genting International, because the company was based in Singapore, it had every right to participate in the bid if the bid had been opened to Singaporean companies alone. At the same time, the company was in position to undertake a foreign market entry as an international company. The reason that has made this situation possible in most cases is that the different owners who come from different countries have always registered parts of the company in their respective countries (Savior, 2009). When a bid for international companies arise therefore, it is the owner with registration in a different country who participants in the bid so as to create a foreign market entry. Advantages of the present Foreign Market Entry For Genting International and Las Vegas Sands who have own the two places available in the bid, there are several advantages that they are going to reap as foreign companies who have made investments in Singapore. ...
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