Samsung's Marketing Strategy

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Samsung’s Marketing Strategy Name: Instructor: Course: University: Date: Outline I. Introduction Headquarters of Samsung Company Inception of Samsung Company Reasons why Samsung Company was chosen for the discussion II. History of Samsung When was Samsung founded How has its grown and developed since its inception III.


How pricing improves sale of Samsung products How location improves sale of Samsung products V. Findings from the market research The importance of Samsung Mobile clinics in attracting its customers The use of simple and attractive Android operating system The valid warranties that saves customers from excessive spending VI. Recommendations Samsung to constantly unveil new products to suit market changes Samsung to continue producing smart phones with attractive features Samsung to learn from the failures of their competitors Introduction Samsung Group is a reputed global brand. It is headquartered in Samsung Town, South Korea. Samsung hailed from humble roots to where it is currently. At inception, in 1938, the company had only forty employees. Today, the company employs millions either directly or indirectly all over the world. The mobile phone subsidiary is doing extremely well; thus, it shall be at the core of this paper. Several reasons inform the choice of Samsung Telecommunications as the topic of this paper. However, the main ones are three. First, Samsung has recently overtaken Nokia to become the world’s largest cell phone manufacturer (Lunden 2011). The Finnish manufacturer had been at the helm for fourteen years. The question therefore arises. ...
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