McDonald's Organizational Change

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MacDonald’s organizational change Name Institution Abstract Major economic changes in the world required organization changes and procedures to be able to keep up with the changing world. As a result, this paper will discuss the implications of these changes to the organization and all stakeholders.


tariffs, export fees and even import quotas. There has been a reduced restriction on the movements of capital from one country to another together with investment. These changes has increased comparative advantages of various companies that are currently rushing to open up various branches in the world as it has become easy to manage them due to increased information flow and improved technology. One of the companies that have recorded tremendous changes over the past decade is MacDonald’s company. The company deals with fast foods a sector that faces a lot of competition as result of mushrooming of food vendors both small and huge companies. As a result there was a need to change the old management system in order to install new skills that have adequate knowledge concerning the current global market. There have been an increase in the number of multinational companies that deal with fast food e.g. KFC. This has necessitated a reshuffle in the top management in order to be able to diversify and increase skills required in retaining the company competitiveness. The company has looked for leaders who have the latest skills and experience concerning the latest market trends (Roch & Boivin, 2010). Initially, the company agitated for individual work so that one can have an individual performance appraisal. ...
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