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1.0 Executive Summary 2.0 Contents Page 3.0 Corporation and SBU Background 3.1 Corporation Strongbow is the leading brand in the cider industry. Strongbow is owned by Fosters Group Limited and brewed at Carlton United Brewery. Fosters and Carlton United Brewery are now owned by SABMiller.


SABMiller’s vision is to be the most admired company in the global beer industry; they are slowly accomplishing this by becoming the world’s largest brewers. SABMiller own over 200 brands of beer, they employ around 70,000 people in 75 countries, on top of this they are also the largest bottlers of coca-cola products. In Australia, SABMiller own over 58 beer and cider brands that are in the Australian Market. In late 2011, SABMiller bought out Fosters Group Limited which provided them exposure to the Australian beer and cider market. SABMiller believe that their competitive edge comes from their superior marketing and branding as well as having an understanding that every brand has a story and heritage that will always sit close to home within the local communities. SABMiller is such a successful company because they believe in corporate social responsibility and looking after the local community. They know, to succeed, you must be aware of and be able to manage your stakeholders, whether their employees, management, local community groups, local breweries, government and the media. It is for this reason that SABMiller is successful and able to be the largest brewer globally, they understand the needs of their business, both internationally and locally. Fosters Group Limited Fosters was first developed in 1888 when two brothers, William and Ralph Foster, first brewed Fosters Lager. ...
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