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Distribution is intended to avail a product to the consumer in the right form and at the right time. Therefore, the chain of distribution has major stakeholders including the producers, wholesalers, retailers and the final consumer. When the distribution chain is full with many middlemen, it is the final consumer who feels much pain since, many middlemen increases the final price of the product.
Due to changes in technology and also the exploitation by several middlemen, there has emerged the new electronic form of distribution of products such as music pieces and books can be distributed through electronic medium. This has made it easier for people to receive music and books of their choices just through electronic shopping.
Last week alone, I remember watching several videos of my favorite artistes through the online subscribed service where the videos are available. Again, most of my books I purchase through kindle, hence I enjoy the reduced gap in the distribution chain that has been created by the electronic ...
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These different parties could have contributed to part of the product’s production in one way or the other, or packaging, or repackaging. By the…
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