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Name Institution Course Instructor Date 5. Marketing Communication Strategy Pure-Body recognises that communication is very important marketing tool. It is an essential way in which a business venture, organisation, or a corporate communicates with its customers.


This is because IMC is an indispensable tool that will link the marketing tools of Pure-Body business venture to attain its targets and objectives. This is in recognition that IMC creates a competitive advantage in the market while receiving huge economic boost to increase profits and sales (Pelsmacker & Kitchen, 2004:113). Moreover, Integrated Market Communication makes a strong tie between business ventures and customers for long-term success of companies. Integrated Marketing Communication plan embraces for stages such as horizontal integration, internal/external integration, and financial integration. Horizontal integration is a communication that promotes co-operation with manufacturing and operational departments for the companies to fulfil its objectives (Varey, 2002:127). In this case, the management of Pure-Body business will use corporate-level to identify industries in which their company should compete in to maximise its long-term profitability. Pure-Body aims to embrace horizontal integration to consolidating the activities of the various departments for its wholesale success. Through horizontal integration, Pure- body business will reduce the cost structure, increases service differentiation, and replication of business model. In addition, it will reduce rivalry within the industry, and increases bargaining power over supplies and purchasers. ...
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