Consumer Behavior: Influence of Music in Advertising

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Consumer Behavior: Influence of Music in Advertising Student’s name: Institution’s name: Course code: Instructor’s name: Date of submission: Consumer Behavior: Influence of Music in Advertising Introduction Use of music in advertisement has become a common phenomenon among advertisers in contemporary advertisement sector.


The same case applies to radio advertisement. Music in advertisement is selected in connection with the type of brand being advertised, for common application, or for price reflection. Music influences advertisement and customers’ culture in different ways. Music influences the manner in which customers likes and select the products advertised in the market. In the broader perspective, music influences the customers’ evaluation on the products advertised. It is therefore imperative for advertisers to select music that meets the intention of the advertisement (Gorn, 2002). Music is used to attract the customers’ attention to the advertisement and to make the advertisement content less of superfluous interruption. Customer behavior has to do with customer decision making process on the products advertised and available in the market. It explains individual customers’ traits in understanding customers’ needs. The influence of commercial, peers, family, society, and reference groups on individual needs and wants is also understood by understanding customers’ culture. Being, the buyer, user, and payer of the products produced and advertised in the market, an understanding of customers buying conduct is exceptionally fundamental for the success of a company. ...
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