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Name Institution Course Tutor Date Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 1.Introduction 3 2.Mission and Strategy 4 3.Strategic Analysis 5 I.PESTLE Analysis 5 a)Political 5 b)Economic 6 c)Social 7 d)Technology 7 e)Legal 8 f)Environment 8 4.Marketing Mix 9 a)Price 9 b)Product 9 c)Place/Distribution 9 d)Promotion 10 5.Porter’s Five Forces Competitive Analysis 10 a)Buyers 10 b)Suppliers 11 c)Entry and Exit to the market 11 d)Substitute Products 12 e)Rivalry 12 6.Conclusion 12 Bibliography 14 Ryanair Executive Summary This paper seeks to provide a comprehensive analysis of Ryanair marketing strategies, an airline company that began operations in 1985 with only a single fifteen-seat plane plying


1. Introduction Ryanair began its operations in 1985 with a single 15-seater plane, primarily a conventional airline from Dublin and Waterford in the Ireland Republic to London. During the initial years of operations, the airline faced significant financial challenges, which led to losses in the company. After an analysis of its marketing strategies, the company decided to re-launch in 1990/1991 as a “no frills”, low cost air carrier, replicating the business model of American Southwest Airline (Mennen, 2010:10). Since then, price has been the integral marketing strategy of the company, promoting and maintaining its growth in the European low-cost airline industry. These changes were the ideas of Michael O’Leary, initially the financial controller of the company. O’Leary, now the chief executive officer at the company, persuaded Tony Ryan (owner) to redress financial issues affecting the company at the time (Daft, 2009:69). ...
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