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Marketing Plan ABC Foods Pvt. Ltd. Table of Content Introduction 4 Marketing Objectives 4 Mission 6 Product 6 Market Situation 7 Potential Market 7 Potentiality and Acceptance of the product 8 SWOT Analysis 8 Strengths 8 Weakness 9 Opportunity 10 Threats 10 Competitor Analysis 11 Marketing Strategies 11 Pricing Strategy 12 Promotion Strategy 12 Distribution Strategy 13 STPD Analysis 13 Segmentation 13 Targeting 14 Positioning 14 Differentiating 14 Financial Summary 15 Financial Assumptions 15 Financial Projection 16 Referencing 17 Introduction ABC Foods Pvt.


The company has decided to make forward diversification into the Indian food market with the launch of a new category of product line i.e. “Ready-To-Eat” (RTE) food. This ready to eat food is very much popular in the developed countries and it has a saturated market in US. So the company has decided to make brand extension as well as diversification of business simultaneously. India has a very good potential market for ready to eat food and very few food companies are there who have this type of product differentiation in the market. Only the people of urban areas of the country have the food habit of processed food like ready to eat food and maximum family member in the urban areas are working people and they generally need a time consumed processing of the food for their breakfast and as well for making Tiffin for launch. These all are driving forces which influence the company to make the brand extension in a potential foreign country like India where the food habit of people is changing from home cooked food to ready to eat food (Goudar, 2008, p.13) Marketing Objectives A SMAETER objectives need to follow for getting competitive advantage. ...
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